The easiest way to manage money transfers

ETransfer LINK


The Easiest and Secure way to manage your personal business

In E Transfer Link, we are focused on delivery to our subscribers a great tool to manage any personal finances, fundraising or a small store, all in one single video header webpage with 15 editable sections, that you can personalize to your taste and get payments with only the activation of your PayPal@E-mail.com in your selling tools... Yes! it is that simple and secure...



We care about security, all etransfer.link is encrypted on a Comodo SSL, Country Blocker System, Brute Force System, Hacker Block System, Copy Content Protection and more.

Secure Payment Processor

All payments, are processed by PayPal, to be able to receive money transfer you have to open a free PayPal Verify Account and with your PayPal E-Mail, you will be able to activate your Payment transfer office.


E-Transfer offers a great 3 ways of communications tool to keep in contact with your funders with a Ticket System, Quick Call Button for smart devices and a WhatsAPP chat system to make easy to close any business.


ETransfer.link platform opens friendly on any device to bring your users a smooth experience when they are visiting you to learn more about your service and the goods you offer also you have an add to screen APP.


ETransfer.link it's built in an awesome Video Header Template with 15 scrollable and easy to edit sections to create many types of service,micro-store, donations areas or personal business topics


With E-TRansfer and PayPal working together your funders or users will get no problems what so ever to make any money transfer to you since your users do not need to have a PayPal account to do business with you.


The Easiest Way to Manage a Profitable Personal Business

ETransfer Link

E-Transfer Link is easy to use an amazing tool built in a Video Header website format with 15 scrollable editable sections to create a great personal profile in which also you can receive money transfers.

E-Transfer Link is built in a numeric 1800 link format and not in a link name, FOR EXAMPLE, etransfer.link/18002234 so then, it will be very easy to remember for Google Search, you and your clients.

At ETransfer.Link, you can create in every section a different market room like Pay for your service, Create a personal store or just collect donations.. all it is up to you.

To Use ETransfer.Link Payment Processor just you need a PayPal email address to activate this function... Yep!.. as simple as that.

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    E-Transfer.link - The easiest way to manage personal business
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Independent workers and Entrepreneurs 

Independent workers and Entrepreneurs are always on the road, with no time to attend an office or pay for extra staff, E-Transfer.link offers a simple tool in which from any device you can hold a chat to negotiate your terms and there yourself receive full payments, partial payments or money in advance with any credit card or online activated gift cards to make online payments ..

Independent Merchants

Independent Merchant

Sell anything you want, we provide all the tools you need to sell small merchandise to friends or regular clients, tools are  easy to use and setup, just upload the picture of the product on sale, put a price, and add your E-Transfer.link button, with your chat, you will be able to discuss all terms and conditions before close the business.

For Fundraising


Get Help by others by getting donations from friends or anonymous funders, or start one campaign for someone you care about.

Our Easy & Unique Fundraising System, Make You 97% return on Donations. No Stress, our fundraising is Easy To Set Up & manage. E-Transfer.link, it is established In Modern but simple technology.



Need Help? Contact Me!
E-Transfer.link - The easiest way to manage personal business
Contact E-Tranfer.link - team